Tuesday, 19 January 2016

There is always a reason

When things go wrong, don't go the way that we expected or we fail, there is always a reason.

Sometimes, when we get a run of bad luck, we feel that the world has turned against us.

Often when things don't go to plan, we can identify a reason. Did we prepare enough? Did we have enough knowledge? Did it fail because of factors outside of our control?

Once we have identified the reason, we can then go about learning from it. We can try again, with the knowledge that we have gained from the first time.

Sometimes there is no reason as such, something just goes wrong by chance, but then chance is the reason.

We should not let these failures, random or otherwise, stop us from trying, from trying to be the best that we can be.

Use them to gain strength and purpose rather than letting them lead us into not trying through fear of failure.

Look for that reason, understand it, accept, grow and move on.

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