Monday, 11 January 2016

I need a treat!

I'm feeling quite blue,
I need a good treat,
What shall I choose!
Something tasty to eat?

Maybe some chocolate,
Or a nice piece of cheese,
Both of these options,
Are likely to please.

But the problem with food,
Which it has to be said,
Is that if you eat too much fat,
You could end up dead!

So maybe something different!
A mag or a book,
I could go to the library,
Have a good look.

Or maybe a film,
About romance and love,
But that sounds quite boring,
Think I'll give it the shove.

Bubble bath?
A decadent treat!
Much healthier,
Than something to eat.

But I can't make up my mind,
Of what I should choose,
Can you help me out,
You've nothing to lose.

Suggest me a treat,
Something quite nice,
To make me feel happy,
Cheer my mood in a trice!

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