Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Nothing is guaranteed

Nothing in this life comes with a guarantee.

There can be times when we think that we are completely guaranteed to succeed, but then something goes wrong.

At these times, we feel demoralised, angry and upset. But there is a difference between failing despite trying our best and failing because we didn't try hard enough,

Even though failure when we thought that we were onto a certain winner is hard, we will have still learned valuable lessons along the way.

The next time that we try, although that guarantee is never going to be one hundred percent, at least we know that we can draw on what we have learned before.

There are also times that we wait and wait, to guarantee that things will be perfect for us to succeed, but often things never will be perfect, so we waste time and energy by waiting for something that may never happen.

Often, by the time that we have realised this, the window of opportunity has passed.

So remember, nothing is guaranteed. We can only do our best, seizing opportunities as they arise.

Do your best, live your life and enjoy.

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