Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life and death

The one certainty in the life of everybody on this planet is that they are going to die one day.

Hopefully, that day will be at the end of a long life full of joy.

But how often do we think about death?

In our busy lives we rush here and there, filling our days with routine and work.

Our time on this Earth is finite and time that we fritter away can never be reclaimed.

If we knew that our death was imminent, would we do things differently?

The answer would, of course, be yes.

We would set our life in order, settle feuds, do the things that we had always planned to do but had never got around to.

But what if today was your last day? How would you live it? Would you waste it or would you pack it with experience.

One thing is certain - one day it will be your last day. Make every moment until then count.

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