Friday, 9 October 2015

My British bake off

I've been watching the telly,
Wonderful things they do make
So off to the kitchen,
I need to bake!

Now what shall I make?
I leaf through a book,
There's so many things,
And good they all look!

Maybe something simple,
For I'm not very good,
My cakes turn out flat!
Not rising as they should.

Sugar, eggs and flour,
Will go in the mix,
Whoops, there goes an egg!
I'm in such a fix.

Flour rises like fog,
In my hair, on my top.
But I'm in the zone,
I just can't stop.

The kitchen's a mess,
Chocolate and butter,
It's gonna take some cleaning,
Under my breath I do mutter!

Into the oven,
It finally goes
Leaving me time,
For cleaning up woes!

Time is up,
It's finally done,
Flat as a pancake,
But baked with such fun!

My family smile,
It really looks fine
So down we all sit,
On flat cake to dine.

But it tastes quite good,
Almost divine,
But at the end of the day,
This masterpiece is mine!

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