Saturday, 17 October 2015

Flu jab season

The weather is cooler,
It's that time of year.
It's flu jab season,
That is quite clear.

The surgery,
Festooned with banners that say,
Make an appointment,
Do it today!

So I sign up right then,
To get the job done,
I know it will hurt,
Won't be much fun.

But the flu it worse,
Two weeks feeling rough,
Instead a quick jab,
It's really not tough.

Today is the day,
I pull up my sleeve,
And quick as a flash.
It's done and I leave.

I smile and I think,
I'm safe for a year,
The flu bugs can come,
But I really won't fear.

My arm is a bit sore,
But I really don't mind,
Because catching the flu,
Can be a bit of a bind!

So have you booked yours?
If I can be so bold,
It's free, in some countries,
If you're poorly or old.

So go and get done,
As quick as a flash,
Be protected and safe,
To the clinic, go dash.

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