Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Tonight is the night,
It's Halloween!
Expect lots of callers,
From tot up to teen.

What will they wear,
Vampire, ghost or ghoul?
Some of their costumes,
Are really quite cool!

They run door to door,
Lots of small feet,
Hoping for sweets,
And nice things to eat.

Trick or Treat,
Is the opening cry,
Then into the dish,
For treats they do vie.

The night wears on,
And the callers tail off.
There's a few sweets left,
That I think I will scoff!

Time to settle down,
A film, scary I'm sure,
Turn off the lights,
Lock up the door.

So to all of you friends,
Now I have set the scene,
Have a very happy,

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