Thursday, 29 October 2015

Doctor Google!

I'm feeling kind of dizzy,
Maybe it's the flu!
Let's ask Google.
It'll know what to do.

Oh dear, the results are in,
The diagnosis is clear,
Google says cancer,
For my life I do fear!

I feel very scared,
Let's Google once more.
Eeek, scare stories!
My jaw hits the floor.

It might be quite simple,
Do not fret,
But Google,
Hasn't finished quite yet!

It could be a tumour,
Or some other rare thing
Maybe I should,
Give my doctor a ring!

Don't be so worried,
My family says
It's nothing so bad,
You'll be better in days.

If you're feeling a bit ill,
The moral is clear,
Don't google your symptoms,
Or death you will fear!

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