Monday, 5 October 2015

This beautiful world

I love this beautiful world of ours. It is so perfect. A precious gem floating in the vastness of space.

But take a closer look and there is death, destruction and pollution.

How I wish that this world could be at peace.

No more war, no more needless violence, no more destruction of precious natural resources.

It often seems that man is destined to destroy both himself and this planet.

How wonderful it would be if we didn't kill and fight with each other, if we all got on, compromised, found the best way forward without needing to resort to violence and war.

But the sad fact is that this will probably never happen.

Man will always find a reason to fight, to kill, to destroy.

But I still dream of a world were we all live in peace and harmony with both each other and the planet.

Maybe one day, far into the future, it will happen and this beautiful gem will be at peace. 

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