Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Give and take

There are some people in life who only give, and others that only take.

Whilst this may suit a few people, generally it does not.

If we constantly give and never receive, we can become disillusioned with our fellow man.

And conversely it is not fair to be a taker and never give back.

If we fit strongly into either the giver or taker category, then we should strive to become more balanced.

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve, but we should still try our best to do so.

If a person always gives to us, then we should make a conscious effort to give them something in return.

Sometimes all that is needed is to say thank you, to acknowledge their efforts and to make them feel wanted.

If this does not happen, then the person can begin to feel undervalued and upset.

And if we are a person that always takes, then we should make the effort to give, to help and make somebody else feel good.

So think about give and take today. Keep the balance right, today and always.

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