Sunday, 18 October 2015

Puzzle magazine woes!

I love a good puzzle,
Crosswords and such,
They keep my mind nimble,
I enjoy them so much.

More than twenty years back,
A new company came,
Offering puzzle mags,
And prizes to claim.

I paid for the mags,
And had so much fun,
Writing and filling,
Dreaming of what could be won!

Over the years,
Things were just fine,
Mags were arriving,
Always on time.

Then the mags didn't come,
Quite out of the blue,
What could have happened,
Could you give us a clue?

You won't miss the mags,
The editor said,
We'll send them quite soon,
But here's something I dread.

I have a life subscription,
And once dead,  time won't come back,
Unless you revive me,
Give me mags that I lack!

As well as no mags, there's another pet peeve:
Most weeks I get a letter,
Pay for this mag,
It's new and it's better!

But why should I pay?
I just want what I'm due!
I really don't want,
Something that's new!

So the months have gone past,
Of waiting I tire,
I won't buy any more mags,
Before I expire!