Saturday, 3 October 2015

The spider!

I'm lying in my bed,
All snug and tight,
When I spy a big spider!
It did give me a fright!

I lay and I watched,
As it scuttled and ran!
I don't like spiders,
So I hatched out a plan!

Downstairs I went,
For some paper, and a glass,
Catching this beastie,
Would require some class!

Up on the chair,
To reach right up high,
Spider, stay still!
Your ousting is nigh.

I trap the big beastie,
In the glass with it's lid,
I turned it right over.
And down spider slid!

Downstairs to the garden,
My quarry I took,
He sat there all moody,
And gave me a look!

Its cold in the garden
And maybe quite wet,
But out you will go,
You're not happy, I bet!

Now back up to bed,
To slumber, to sleep
No spiders are here,
To make my skin creep.

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