Thursday, 29 October 2015

Yet more pills!

I'm getting quite old,
But feeling quite fit,
I'm going to the Doc,
In just a little bit.

You haven't been here,
For year upon year,
You need a check up,
These are the words that I fear!

Your fat's a bit high,
Just take this pill!
It'll protect your heart,
You won't get so ill!

I take my daily pill,
But oh, I feel sick!
Back to the Doctor,
I rush very quick!

Here, try this new drug,
As well as the first,
It'll counteract the effects,
He cajoled and coerced!

I took the new pill,
But soon I did find,
My head felt so dizzy,
Thought I was losing my mind!

Back I did go,
More pills, five, six and seven!
I feel so ill,
Think I might go to heaven!

I go back again,
Is there another way,
So I can feel fit,
Run jump and play?

Well you could stop the pill,
Eat healthily, go to the gym,
Your fat will go down,
If you eat veg and slim!

What about the rest?
Can I stop them all too?
Yes, said the Doc,
It'll be better for you.

So I stopped all the pills,
Got healthy and fit,
And now I don't feel ill,
No, not one little bit!

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