Sunday, 25 October 2015

I love books!

I love books!
I read them all the time.
Big books, small books,
Romance, thriller, crime.

I learned to read,
When I was just four,
There wasn't a book
That I found a bore.

That smell, oh gosh,
Paper and ink,
It pulls me in,
Tickles me pink!

A good story, an escape,
Can never be beat,
Mountains to climb,
People to greet!

An adventure is had,
On sea, sky and land,
All of it held,
In the palm of a hand.

Now I am techy,
I've got a Kindle,
But my love of paper books,
It will never dwindle.

But, oh the excitement,
Of a thousand good reads
On a device so small,
Imagination it feeds

I love my new gadget,
It's full of good stuff,
But of paper backed books,
I cannot get enough.

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