Tuesday, 22 September 2015

5 ages of love

We've only just met,
In the first flush of love,
We fit together,
Like hands in a glove.

T'is easy right now,
When we're newly two,
Gazing so lovingly,
To say I love you!

We've been together a while,
A few years at most,
Holding hands and chatting,
Over Mum's Sunday roast!

Maybe a little more thought,
A present or two,
Some roses and chocs,
To say I love you.

We're married now,
Two years to the day
Got our own home,
Bills to pay.

Like ships in the night,
We pass each other by,
To say I love you,
On holiday we fly.

Ten years more,
Children have come,
We are so tired,
Our brains have gone numb!

A kiss and a cuddle
Is all we can feel
To say I love you,
We go for a meal!

Many years more,
And the children have flown,
A pensioner couple,
They creak and they groan.

They visit the Grandkids,
Smile with glee,
For without their love,
They wouldn't have me.

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