Saturday, 5 September 2015

The escape

The piercing scream woke Sara with a start!

She sat upright in bed, trying to clear the muzzy feeling of sleep from her head.

She heard the scream again. She looked at the bedside clock - 6 a.m! And it was Saturday!

She climbed out of bed and padded across the landing to the children's room.

She flung open the door - 'Stop shouting!' she yelled in frustration.

The two children stopped what they were doing and turned to look at her. 'But Mum!' They began.

Sara had had enough, she thumped downstairs, made herself a mug of coffee and thought.

After draining the cup, she stomped upstairs, packed a bag and left the house!

Just some peace and quiet, she thought, that's all that I want!

She headed to the station, bought a ticket and boarded the next train.

She sat and watched the world stream by the window. How would they cope without her? Would they miss her?

She arrived at her destination, unpacked her things and headed for the pool.

Her day passed quickly, and soon she felt the first pangs of her conscious pricking her.

Maybe she should go home now.

Sara opened the front door, wondering what sort of reception would be waiting for her.

Would they be happy? Would the house still be in one piece?

A sudden whirlwind of activity hurled itself down the hall towards her.

'Mummy, Mummy, you're home! We've missed you so much!

Behind them, Carl walked towards her, a tea towel draped over his shoulder.

He kissed her and smiled. 'How was your day at the spa darling, I hope that you enjoyed yourself'

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