Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The true you

We all have a face that we put on for others and we can act quite differently to our true self at times.

This can be because we want to hide our true feelings from others, or maybe we want to appear 'better' than we actually are.

For whatever reason we choose, there is always one person who knows the true you - and that is yourself.

We should not be afraid of who we really are.

We are all unique and special individuals and we should be proud of who we are, of what we have achieved.

Those who have known us for a long time know who we really are, know what makes us tick.

And they love us because of who we truly are and not because of a facade that we are hiding behind.

So be the true you. Wear your true self with pride, because you have nothing to hide.

Be true to both yourself and those around you and your life will be filled with love and joy.

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