Friday, 4 September 2015

Light and Darkness

Many people believe that light conquers darkness by pushing it aside, so that there is no room for it.

But I prefer to look upon it as the light transforming the darkness into positive energy.

Darkness will always be present, will always be ready to suck the positive energy from us, often when we need it the most.

Darkness feeds upon darkness, draining us until we are in danger of falling into it's negative embrace.

But if we shine our virtual light into this blackness, we infuse it with our own positive energy.

With a healthy dose of positive attitude, the darkness stands far less chance of taking us over.

So instead of struggling with the darkness, change it, infuse it with your own brilliant internal light.

Use this positive light, fill yourself up with it, and be a shining light, a beacon in a sea of darkness.

Be a guiding light, be positive, be in control.

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