Sunday, 13 September 2015

A new start

Angela closed the door behind her, rubbed her aching back and looked around at the multitude of cardboard boxes surrounding her.

A house of her own! How long had she waited for this day.

She was looking forward to making it her home, surrounding herself with her special things.

But first things first! She went into the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea, carried it back into the lounge and sat on the floor.

Absent mindedly, she tore open the box nearest to her.

There, inside were her childhood mementos – the doll that her aunt had given her for her fifth birthday, the photos of her school friends, the teddy bear that she used to carry everywhere.

She sipped her tea, delving into her past, smiling as she pulled out each item.

Glancing around at the house, she smiled. Yes this place would make a perfect home, one that she could make her own.

The sudden death of her partner had certainly been well timed. The insurance money meant that she could move out of the tiny, damp rented flat that the had shared!

The police never did find out why he had died – but she knew!

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