Monday, 21 September 2015

You deserve it!

When we have had a busy day, got a lot done, finished a task, we deserve a treat, something to reward ourselves for a job well done.

Sometimes we feel guilty for indulging ourselves this way, but why should we?

By giving ourselves a little pleasure as a reward, we set up a positive feeling and are more likely to take the time and effort to do good work in the future.

These rewards do not need to be expensive and indulgent. Small things can work just as well - a bar of our favourite chocolate, watching a favourite film, enjoying a glass of something nice.

We can also set ourselves a reward in advance for when we finish a task. This way we are more likely to stay on track and finish the task because we have something to look forward to.

So don't feel guilty about treating yourselves to a treat or reward - you have earned it!

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