Thursday, 3 September 2015

A day at the spa

What to do?
The sun it does shine
I think we'll go to the spa,
That will be fine.

Down to the station,
We did walk,
Boarded a train
Sat, had a talk!

We got to Bath,
Then to the spa,
From the train,
It isn't that far.

We changed,
Stowed clothes and shoes,
Walked down the stairs!
Which pool shall we choose?

Oh, the water,
So warm and so clear,
This lovely place,
We do hold so dear.

We bob and we float,
Drift round and round,
Until on the steps,
We do run aground!

Up the stairs,
To the steam rooms now,
Oh, they are hot,
Oh golly, oh wow!

But they clean the skin,
And relax my poor back!
Time for a shower,
And then a nice snack!

Up to the cafe,
For tea and a bun,
Then where to go next?
For some watery fun.

Up to the roof,
To bask in the sun,
More floating and bobbing,
It's got to be done!

But, oh woe,
Our time here is done,
We shower and change,
We've had so much fun.

But one thing is certain,
We can not deny,
Give us some time,
And back we will fly.

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