Saturday, 26 September 2015

The changing of the seasons

On my walk this morning, I noticed that the the weather has taken on a distinctly Autumnal feel.

The spider's webs are bejewelled with dew, showing their delicate intricacy and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn beautiful colours.

Crane flies are dancing their waltz, filling the lawn with movement.

Children will soon hunt for conkers amid the fallen leaves, kicking through them in glee.

Very soon the mellowness of Autumn will turn into the crisp coldness of Winter as the cycle of the seasons continues.

How very quickly the years roll by in this fashion, showing our wonderful planet in its infinite beauty.

Our lives also rush by, changing, evolving, just like the world around us.

Time is relentless, it will pass no matter how we use it.

It is our choice to either use it fruitfully or to fritter it away.

But whatever we do with it, one thing is certain, we can never reclaim what has passed.

So use your time wisely, for this lifetime is precious and can never be relived.

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