Friday, 11 September 2015


When I was young,
I could party all night,
Then go to work,
Feeling alright!

But now that I am older,
If you can ken,
I like to be in bed,
At not long past ten.

There's a film on the telly,
I wanted to see,
But it finishes at eleven,
That's to late for me!

I go to a party,
I'm checking the time,
It's time for my bed!
I'm so past my prime!

I sip at my chocolate,
So sweet and sublime,
But there's times when I hanker,
For a nice glass of wine!

But one glass of wine,
On this I can swear,
I'll be up in the night,
To go you know where!
So with gown and with slippers,
Upstairs I do creep,
Longing for rest,
And a comfy long sleep!