Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I'm feeling fed up!

I'm feeling fed up!
Really I am!
I've got a bug,
And I'm sat on the sofa,
Wrapped in a rug!

My nose is blocked up,
My head it does ache,
I really do need,
Some aspirin to take!

I sniff and I sneeze,
My nose is so red!
My other half says,
Oh please go to bed!

But I've got things to do,
Tidying and stuff,
Although very soon,
I'll have had quite enough.

I stand and I shuffle,
Feeling so grotty,
Perhaps I should cuddle,
My favourite hot botty!

Oh, I'm feeling fed up,
I need a big hug,
But first, can you pass me,
Some tea in my mug!

I'm going upstairs,
To lie, have a rest,
Maybe a nap, 
Would be for the best!

For tomorrow I am busy,
I have lots to do,
So come on bug,
I think we are through!


  1. Great poem made me giggle, hope you feel better soon

    1. Thank you. Hopefully the bug will fly off soon :-)