Friday, 28 August 2015


Things change so quickly in this wonderful world of ours.

When I was younger, there were no computers, internet or mobile phones for example and I have had to adapt and learn to use them as time has gone on.

Other things in our lives are constantly changing too: friendships, possessions, our own interests.

We must do our best to adapt, because if we don't we will, quite simply, either be left behind or will miss out on exciting new opportunities and new friendships

That is not to say that we need to understand the infinite complexities of new things, but that we should learn enough to use them to our advantage.

We must adapt to the world around us in order to make the most of everyday life.

Adapting gives us limitless possibilities for our future life.

It does not mean that we need to forget and give up on old ways, for the old ways are often of use when we least expect them.

Adapt, learn, enjoy.

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