Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I enter lots of comps,
In the hope of winning big,
But for ages now,
I've not won a fig.

Maybe a holiday,
Or perhaps a phone
My dreams of a win,
Keep me fixed in the zone!

I sit and enter,
I type and I fill,
Hoping there's a prize,
That will give me a thrill.

The postie's my friend,
I look forward with glee!
Will it be today,
That he brings goodies for me?

But no, by he goes,
Ignoring my house,
Nothing again,
I grumble and grouse!

But I think back,
Over the years,
So much joy,
So many cheers

Cheers of joy,
You see they were,
For the days when,
A prize did occur.

Holidays and phones,
Clothes and cash!
I've even won,
A birthday bash.

I dream and remember,
With fun and with glee,
When wonderful things,
Arrived for me.

So I sit and I enter,
And dream of the day,
When I win something big!
Please be soon, I pray.

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