Sunday, 2 August 2015

The call

She woke with a start, her heart hammering inside her ribs. She lay still in the early morning light, her breath steaming in the coldness of the air.

She huddled under the warmth of the duvet, wishing, waiting for sleep to claim her once more. She began to doze, her mind wandering.

Again, the sound! She opened her eyes, wide awake now. Listening intently. The call!

She heard movement downstairs. She glanced at her bedside clock. Seven a.m!

She pulled the duvet higher, over her head, trying to block the weak Winter sunshine.

The call came again, more urgently this time.

She sighed, her sleepiness gone. She reached down for her warm dressing gown and pulled it tight around her.

Her body recoiled as her feet hit the frigid floor. She stumbled along the landing and down the stairs.

Something heavy flung itself against the door! She stepped back, startled by the movement for a moment.

Then she slowly, carefully opened the door.

Suddenly she was assailed, almost knocked to the floor. A flurry of golden fur bounced around her excitedly.

She laughed and hugged the dog, getting her face and hands washed by the delighted animal.

She hurried to get dressed in warm, winter clothes with the dog watching her expectantly, it's tail wagging.

She walked to the back door and reached for the lead. The dog bounded up to her, jumping up in excitement.

She opened the door and side by side they stepped out into the crisp beauty of a Winter dawn.

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