Monday, 31 August 2015


We have all experienced fear at some point.

What causes us to feel fear varies from person to person.

It can range from irrational fears of things like spiders to big, life changing things.

Fear is our brain's way of protecting us from danger.

If we fear something, then we are less likely to go ahead and do it.

But there are times when these fears only serve to hamper us in life.

Then we have to ask ourselves if this fear is justified.

Is something bad going to happen if we do this activity, or is our fear reflex simply over reacting.

When we feel fear, where does that fear come from? It comes from within our own mind.

It is a warning, but there are times when we simply have to acknowledge it's presence and go ahead anyway.

For if we gave in to every fear that we feel, there would be many wonderful things that we would never experience.

So instead of giving in to irrational fear, use it's energy to push you forward, give you the energy to follow through.

Fear can be your friend as well as your enemy.

Use it constructively, succeed, and bask in the satisfaction that comes from facing up to your fears.

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