Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Look after yourself

Many of us spend our days looking after other people, running here and there to keep them well and happy.

But we seldom get the chance to look after the person who is the most important person of all - ourselves.

For if we do not look after ourselves, make sure that we are happy and healthy, then we will not be in a position to help and look after others.

Even when we do get free time, we will often spend this on others, because making them happy also makes us happy.

But without taking time for ourselves, we run the risk of becoming tired or ill, burning ourselves out.

So we must look after ourselves first and foremost.

We must take time away, to recharge our batteries, both physically and mentally.

This doesn't mean that we need to take a lot of time out. Just a few minutes could be all that we need.

It is not the amount of time that is important, but how we use it.

It must be something that it just for us, that gives us pleasure and relaxation.

It doesn't matter what, as long as it makes us feel good.

Maybe a good book, a walk in the sunshine, a new haircut or even pushing the boat out and being pampered at a spa.

Look after yourself and you will be stronger in body and mind so that in turn you have the strength to help others.

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