Saturday, 22 August 2015

True wealth

What does wealth mean to you?

Does it mean a healthy bank balance? Or does it mean that you have a life full of a wealth of experience.

A person could have riches, be the most money wealthy person on the planet.

But if he does not have anything to spend these riches on, then they are worthless.

True wealth comes from our experiences, the knowledge that we gain as we go through our lives.

Instead of using all of our time chasing monetary wealth, we should also be increasing our inner wealth.

As our inner wealth becomes richer, our satisfaction with our lives grows.

We begin to see that wealth is not something that is hidden away in bank vaults, but is grown within us.

We can use this inner wealth to help and educate others, to care for them and guide them, as well as making our own lives richer.

So begin to increase the balance of your inner wealth today and reap the benefits.

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