Saturday, 8 August 2015

Stay calm

How many times have we been doing a task, all does not go well, and we begin to feel tense and anxious.

The more we worry, the harder the task becomes.Things begin to go wrong, our head starts to ache, we start to feel angry and frustrated.

But when we are in this state of mind, we become far less effective in our work. We do not enjoy what we are doing, we feel no sense of accomplishment.

In this situation, it is a good idea to take a step back, take some time out.

Maybe go for a walk, do some meditation, or take a chance to do an activity that will relax you.

This will not be wasted time. It is a chance to calm your mind, prepare yourself to restart afresh.

Walking away from something for a while is not giving up, it is a chance to relax, calm down, clear your mind, let your subconscious help with solving the problems that you are facing.

When you return to the task, it will be with a new vigour, a new focus and the project will flow much easier again.

So stay calm, take a step back, take time out and stay productive.

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