Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Lovey Doveys

A solitary dove,
Arrived one day,
To feed in the garden,
From the food on the tray.

Every day it came back,
To eat and to coo,
So very pretty,
Did it look too!

But it looked so lonely,
Just one and not two,
It needed a mate,
To bill and to coo.

A week passed by,
Maybe more,
Then one day,
Away it did soar.

We didn't see it,
For a day, maybe two,
But then, as was usual,
Back down it flew.

But oh what a pleasure,
For with it, a mate,
They looked so happy,
It really was great.

They sat on the fence,
Grooming and such,
They were so very happy,
We liked them so much.

Now each day they visit,
Eat lots of feed!
Hopefully next Spring,
They'll marry and breed.

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