Friday, 7 August 2015


Over the years,
We've owned lots of rats.
Some people have dogs,
Some they have cats.

First there was Chip
And his little brother Sam
Adorable men,
With a soft spot for ham! 

Then there were more-
Many to be true,
All through the days,
They would nibble and chew.

Many a day,
Without a word of a lie,
They'd be down my top,
Having a nap on the sly!

We loved our ratty men,
Every day of their lives,
Sometimes we considered,
Getting them wives,

But no, we decided,
Babies were out!
There'd be too many rats,
No word of a doubt.

So we sat and we cuddled,
To stroke and adore
Our wonderful boys,
Til they peed on the floor!

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