Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Cutting the lawn

Summer is here,
The sunshine is warm,
Insects and flies,
Over the garden they swarm.

The grass it does grow,
With sun and with rain,
I suppose it needs cutting,
Oh dear what a pain.

I get out the shears,
From the shed at the end,
Give a big sigh,
And down I do bend!

I cut and I rake,
Oh my back it does ache,
But it's looking much better,
Now a good look I take.

And now it's all done,
At least for a while.
It's tidy and neat,
Time to sit back and smile.

With cuppa in hand,
I sit on the seat,
A friendly little robin,
Hops at my feet.

I sit and I rest,
Pleased that it's just so,
But, give it a week,
And it'll need another mow!

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