Saturday, 29 August 2015

Keep it simple

As we go through life we often attract more and more to us, such as new activities, new people, new things.

After a while we can find that our days are filled from dawn to dusk with activities, visits and tasks.

Often we are so busy with all of these things, trying to fit in everything that we often find that we don't have the time to finish everything.

Or to do list just seems to get bigger and bigger and we begin to feel frustrated and stressed.

When this happens, we should take a step back and examine what we are doing.

Do these activities serve a purpose? Are they beneficial to us? Or have they become a meaningless ritual that we somehow just feel that we have to do.

We should regularly take the time to evaluate what we do each day, to see if we can prune our activities down to a more manageable level.

By doing so we will have breathing space, time to relax, time to enjoy life rather than just rushing through each day.

So take a look at your daily routine. If things are not beneficial to you and it is possible and right to do so, then let them go.

Keep it simple, give yourself space and time to live.

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