Wednesday, 26 August 2015

When I was young

When I was young,
Many years back,
Life was so different,
A much different track.

We had no computer,
No mobile phone,
We played in the street,
Always out of our home.

We laughed and we screamed,
From dawn until dark,
Each day it rushed by,
We had such a lark.

We rode on our bikes,
Played hopscotch and skipped,
Upon our bright scooters,
We weaved and we zipped.

Outdoors all the day,
Life was such fun,
We ran and we climbed,
Burnt brown from the sun.

When the day was quite over,
We went back to ours
With dirty knees, grubby faces,
And maybe some flowers........

Picked from the woods,
Just for our Mother
Which she put in a vase,
With many another.

Yes life now is different,
Maybe not so much fun,
So get off that laptop,
And play in the sun!

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