Saturday, 15 August 2015

The recycling blues

I like to do my bit,
As much as the rest,
I recycle lots,
Along with the best.

Wash and squash,
Tis the way it is done,
Then into the bin,
It's rather good fun.

So I collect up the empties,
Tubs, tins, and bottle,
And off to the sink,
I keenly do toddle!

I grasp hold of lid,
And give it a twist,
But it's welded on tight,
Oh my poor aching wrist.

I pull and I squeeze,
That recalcitrant bottle,
Hold it by the neck,
I twist and I throttle!

I threaten it! With a knife!
But, no, oh my life,
It still won't open,
It's causing such strife!

So I immerse it in water,
Squeeze, fill and wash,
I've been working so hard,
The floor is awash!

So please, when you weld on your lids,
Just spare a kind thought,
And make it more easy,
To do what we ought!

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